Community Advisory Committee

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We are looking for volunteers to join our Community Advisory Committee who will work with
another 2 or 3 members to take the lead in developing ways to gather feedback from the Falkirk
Community on Global Family, our work and plans.

You will then create a report based on the
feedback and submit it to the board.

You will work together to organise public open meetings and/or develop a campaign ie surveys
or canvassing

The Committee will have full autonomy so you will work together and will decide on when and
how often you will meet.

Please make an application if you are interested - we will hold a meeting with other applicants
where you can discuss availability

Organisation aims and objectives

Global Family Care Network is a non-profit organisation that works to prevent and intercept child trafficking and systematic abuse and provide long-term and family-based care for children who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation and other forms of abuse. Our mission is to preserve the family and protect at-risk children with the assistance of community organisations, volunteer caregivers, and donors. Our vision is to help as many children as possible who are victims of poverty, exploitation, and abuse by modelling and sharing principled methods that represent the best possible outcome. Collectively, our model projects are active in nine countries with 304 global team members.


Experience required: Volunteers will need to be willing and capable of speaking to and dealing with the public.You must be living in the Falkirk District - if you have very recently left the area, we will still consider an application. Minimum age for volunteers will be 18 years old.
Minimum age: 18