IT and Technology Support Volunteers

  • VO97900


The IT and Technology Support Specialist Volunteer at Mamacita Foundation plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth technology operations and supporting the organization's digital infrastructure. This position involves providing technical assistance to staff and volunteers, troubleshooting issues, and implementing solutions to enhance the foundation's digital capabilities.

• Technology Support: Assist staff and volunteers with technology-related inquiries, including hardware, software, and network issues, to ensure efficient daily operations.

• Troubleshooting: Diagnose and resolve technical problems promptly, employing analytical skills to identify root causes and implement effective solutions.

• System Maintenance: Regularly update and maintain the foundation's hardware, software, and digital systems to ensure they operate optimally and securely.

• Data Security: Implement data backup and security measures to safeguard the organization's information and protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.

• Training and Documentation: Provide training sessions to staff and volunteers on using technology tools effectively. Create and maintain documentation for technology processes and procedures.

• Technology Upgrades: Research and recommend new technology solutions that align with the organization's needs and budget constraints.

• Hardware and Software Setup: Set up and configure computers, printers, and other technology devices as needed for new staff and volunteers.

• Cybersecurity Awareness: Promote cybersecurity best practices among staff and volunteers, emphasizing the importance of data protection and safe online behaviour.

• Technology Planning: Collaborate with the management team to develop and implement technology plans that support the foundation's strategic goals.

• Continuous Learning: Stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends, tools, and best practices to enhance the foundation's technological capabilities.

Join us as an IT and Technology Support Volunteer and be an integral part of the Mamacita Foundation's efforts to create a more inclusive and supportive community in Aberdeen. A fantastic opportunity to help and make a real difference. All volunteer support is greatly appreciated.

Organisation aims and objectives

We are a Scottish registered charity (SC050489) providing food support and opportunities to people in Aberdeen.

Frequency and commitment details

Flexible times available to help. All help makes a real difference and is greatly appreciated.


Training details: Relevant guidance and excellent support is provided to all volunteers. All volunteer help makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.
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