Aberdeenshire Hospital Homecoming - Support Volunteer New Pitsligo and Central Buchan

  • VO90599


The Support Volunteer will provide support for patients being discharged from hospital identified as requiring additional support to aid their recovery. If support is not provided, these patients may have to remain in hospital. Patients are likely to be identified as isolated and lonely with no, or inadequate, support structures in place at home. The support for each individual will last no longer than 12 weeks. Maintaining patient confidentiality is paramount.
Support activities may include the following:
• Helping someone return home from hospital (heating on, milk and bread in fridge)
• Talking (friendly chat) in patient’s home or on the phone
• Shopping (doing someone’s shopping for them, assisting them with their shopping)
• Transport – shopping, scheduled appointments, social activities
• Walking – walk with patient to gain confidence, exercise, walk dog
• Help around the house/garden (putting bins out, helping with tasks finding difficult)
• Other reasonable support activities dependent on patient’s support needs
• Update AVA co-ordinator on patient progress, problems, queries
• Maintain patient confidentiality at all times.
Not part of the responsibilities
• Personal care (Dressing, washing)

• Wound dressing/management
• Emptying of catheters

Organisation aims and objectives

a) To advance citizenship and community development by assisting voluntary, charitable, social enterprise and community organisations (collectively referred to as the THIRD Sector) and volunteers to thrive and develop; b) To advance health and relieve poverty by supporting third and public sector organisations and volunteers to deliver high quality services and activities to vulnerable groups and by operating appropriate projects to deliver services in the local authority area; c) To advance education through the provision of appropriate training to Third Sector organisations, volunteer involving organisations, public sector bodies, volunteers, potential volunteers and local citizens.











Experience required: No Skills and experience required, just a desire to help people in their own communities.
Minimum age: 16


Support: Named Contact For Volunteer

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