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ReBOOT has been going strong as a social enterprise since 1997 – and offers a complete computer recycling service that has been massively reducing the environmental impact of waste electronics in Moray, by reusing and recycling donated technology.

Refurbished computers and other devices are also donated back to people or community groups who may struggle to afford a device or sold to the community at affordable prices in our shop. We are also now producing some nifty creative products with our plastics recycling, too.

Volunteers are at the core of our success and now, we are looking for 4-5 new people to join our team.

You don’t need a background in computers to volunteer all we ask is that you are able to give a minimum 4-hour time commitment during ReBOOT’s hours of operation. This can be any day or days, Monday to Thursday, 9.30- 3.30pm. Initially we’d like you to volunteer on a regular basis, so you can see what’s involved and find a role that’s right for you.

Anything that is not reused or rebuilt is recycled, so the type of activities you'd be undertaking whilst volunteering can include:

Testing hardware, refurbishing devices or sorting and stripping devices into recyclable components
Assist in the loading/unloading and packaging of pallet shipments in the warehouse
Help keep an asset log up to date
Joining the crew on the van to pick up donations
Driving the Van ( Over 25’s only )

What We Can Offer You:

We are a friendly bunch – we want our volunteers to make connections, make friends and know that what they do and the time they give, really matters.
We offer a full induction and further training opportunities if desired.
Learn about the recycling industry and social enterprises.
Gain skills, experience and enjoy it while you do it.
Help reduce waste and help the planet!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact:

Organisation aims and objectives

To prevent unwanted computer equipment, mobile phones, printer ink catridges and related technology for being a wasteful storage problem or from being disposed of unnecessarily into landfill. To recycle unusable components and related materials in an environmentally sound way. To actively encourage members of the community to be environmentally aware and promote good practice in environmental matters. To provide oppoertunities for volunteers to contribute their skills to the community. To enable community/voluntary/charitable groups and disadvantaged individuals to access information communication technology (ICT) appropriate to their needs. To provide skills training for groups and individuals who may be socially or econimically disadvantaged. To raise awareness of householders/businesses to the benifits of recycling and reuse of computer equipment. To encourage households/businesses to use the service provided by ReBOOT thereby increasing our recycling tonnage.










Volunteering take place during ReBOOT's hours of operation - 9.30-3.30 weekdays

Frequency and commitment details

4 hours per week


Experience required: No experience necessary -- just able to give a regular time commitment -- ideal for folk that may be newly retired, or have a PIP.
Minimum age: 15


Taster available: Yes
Training details: full induction/health and safety
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer