Mentor for young adult affected by Cystic Fibrosis

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Our mentors offer crucial support to young adults with Cystic Fibrosis in improving socialisation, broadening horizons and exploring concerns to improve self-esteem, enhance coping skills and the person's quality of life.
Young adults living with this condition have a demanding daily treatment regime at home and sometimes experience limitations that can affect their confidence and ability to cope with the challenges of everyday living. They may also be socially isolated because of their condition.
A mentor will meet with a young adult regularly (every 2-3 weeks) to build a trusting one-to-one relationship allowing the person to explore their feelings, discuss their aspirations and grow life skills, to support them in achieving goals or just giving them someone to talk to.
This opportunity also gives the mentor the chance to expand their own experience and enhance their life skills.
The young adult will live within a reasonable distance of the mentor, who may sometimes take them in their car to an activity or environment away from home.

Organisation aims and objectives

The Butterfly Trust provides support in the community for people affected by cystic fibrosis throughout Scotland. Our team of trained volunteers provide face to face support services that include emotional support, help to negotiate official systems in regard to housing, education and employment issues, mentoring for young people with cystic fibrosis, massage therapy for young adults with the condition and transport to hospital appointments for people who are not sick enough to qualify for mobility help and cannot afford a car.










Two or three hours every two to four weeks depending. A commitment of at least a year is sought - this will allow the young adult time, space and a suitable environment to explore their feelings, discuss their fears, develop life skills and grow in the areas where they may be struggling.


If the role requires any driving, the mentor must have held a clean driving licence for at least 2 years and have access to a smoke-free car. Insurance requires the driving licence restriction. Clients have lung disease, hence a smoke-free car.
Experience required: Good listening skills, patience, reliability and an adaptable attitude. Commitment for a minimum of one year.
Minimum age: 19


Expenses paid: Yes
Expenses details: Travelling costs, mileage (currently 30p/mile), postage/stationery, refreshments and cost of activities/materials when appropriate.
Training details: Induction is one day covering the condition, the mentoring process and procedures, interpersonal skills, Trust procedures. One team day per year for ongoing training. Support from mentoring co-ordinator member of Trust’s staff.
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer

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