Finance Volunteer

  • VO89668


Narture CIC is looking to gain specialist financial expertise to support our core team and assist in developing our artists collective. We are looking for a dedicated volunteer to help us develop financial stability, grow and develop our human resources, give strong leadership on our values and moving on to identifying new areas of development.

• Contribute to the achievement of the company's business objectives by providing advice and guidance on financial strategy.
• Overseeing accounting
• Budgeting and Forecasting
• Preparing monthly, quarterly, yearly management reports

Organisation aims and objectives

Narture CIC is an artist collective baking real bread and food/drinks from scratch to earn the dough to fund arts projects. We aim to use creativity to reanimate the historic quarter of Ayr, driven by experiential retail and cultural tourism. Our core objective is to provide community benefits by developing income sources, primarily through food and drinks and socially engaged arts. We seek to encourage every aspect of creativity as important: from everyday household skills to high-end aspirational arts, through to the essential day-to-day skills of managing and promoting accessibility to ALL members of society. We are seeking to develop a Sociocracy as our governance based on the values of equality.


Experience required: We are looking for a person with senior level experience in finance, audit, accountancy and/or risk management.
Travel details: Central Ayr - close to public transport


Expenses details: To be discussed.
Taster available: Yes

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