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Tayside 4x4 Response is a charity which responds to requests for assistance by statutory organisations such as NHS, Police, Fire and local authorities when conditions cause significant difficulties in day-to-day operations, generally caused by significant weather events such as snow or flooding. We can be tasked to assist stranded drivers, take NHS staff such as district nurses, GP's or ambulance crews to patients, deliver meals on wheels, move equipment or simply get staff to and from work. The Councils may also use us to check on vulnerable individuals and transport them to a place of safety if they are stranded due to the weather.

All requests for assistance would be considered, however our response volunteers require suitable protective equipment, communication equipment and self-recovery equipment. Mandatory training is also required to be undertaken and this all costs money. Fundraising volunteers are a key and vital part of the team to ensure we can provide our services to the vulnerable people in our communities in times of need.

We would be keen to hear from anyone interested in becoming involved as volunteer.

Organisation aims and objectives

Tayside 4x4 Response supports the statutory services in times of operational difficulty to allow them to operate and respond to the most needy when normal day-to-day operations are affected by severe weather and/or poor road conditions.











Experience required: Previous experience of arranging fundraising events and knowledge with Microsoft would be desirable, however someone who is enthusiastic and can bring a positive energy and 'can-do' attitude is essential. Good organisational and timekeeping skills are also essential as is the ability to communicate effectively.
Travel details: Location is flexible and any travel expenses in relation to travel undertaken for Tayside 4x4 Response will be reimbursed.


Expenses paid: Yes
Expenses details: Any travel expense approved prior to the journey being undertaken will be reimbursed.
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer

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