Translocation of species

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Twinflower and one-flowered wintergreen translocations: The intent is to help recovery of these 2 endangered pinewoods species by takings cuttings/plug plants and introducing them to new/currently occupied but struggling sites to help improve health of small isolated patchy populations. We’re well into this work now, having collected and grown on many twinflower cuttings already and surveyed one-flowered wintergreen sites. This summer we’ll be working with volunteers to complete our surveys and planning for reintroductions of both species. Then in Autumn, the hope is that we will be planting out cuttings of twinflower and perhaps also one-flowered wintergreen plants at some of the identified sites with volunteers.

Organisation aims and objectives

Plantlife Scotland co-ordinate the National Plant Monitoring Scheme (NPMS) in Scotland, and are looking for volunteers in Orkney. The NPMS is a new UK-wide plant monitoring scheme designed to build up data on habitat health. It is organised and funded by a partnership of the BSBI, Plantlife, the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, and the JNCC. Anyone interested in nature who can identify plants, or who is keen to learn, can take part. Volunteers adopt a kilometre square and survey small plots within this kilometre. Plantlife occasionally has opportunities for Flora Guardian volunteers but there are none currently in Orkney.


Experience required: Willingness to learn and take up the training before starting. If under 18 and you'd like to get involved you must be accompanied by a guardian.
Minimum age: 18