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Rottal Vegetable Garden is a safe environment for people to come and connect with nature while learning to grow their own food in a sustainable way.

Opening the farm on a Wednesday for volunteers to come and help out with different tasks, from shifting stones to weeding and sowing in a favourable environment for mental health recovery and post COVID recovery.

Organisation aims and objectives

The idea of the farm is not just about providing amazing quality produce to the community; it’s also opening its doors for people to come and reconnect with their surrounding, learning to grown their food and getting access to knowledge and sustainability. Because being outside, doing simple manual activities and socialising in a safe (and mesmerizing) environment is a great way to spend the day; holding the promise of a good night sleep afterward! And with the new season starting off and the days getting longer, there is plenty of work to be done to get everything ready before planting our first crops. From rough physical activities (shifting stones, building walls, ground levelling, carving banches…) to tasks requiring patience, delicatess and precision (weeding, sowing, planting…), there is occupation for almost anyone with any abilities. And as long as we are all faffing around in a peaceful and respectful way, we are garanteed to have so much fun at the farm!











Experience required: No skills required other than being respectful of others.
Travel details: Rottal Vegetable Garden is situated to the right of Rottal Estate.
Minimum age: 16


Support: Named Contact For Volunteer

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