Duns Food Bank Volunteers

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Help those in need by collecting donations of food and stocking the food store in central Duns, or delivering food by car throughout Berwickshire west of the A1 corridor.

Role Description : In the year to end April, Duns Food Bank made 281 deliveries, helping 574 people including 219 children. This represents a major increase in demand compared to the same period in 2020/21. With this increase in workload and the retirement of a number of volunteers, the Food Bank is in urgent need of new recruits.
The Food Bank is supported by two teams of volunteers. The Quartermaster’s team collects donated food from drop off points, shops etc. and stocks shelves in the food store, and the Delivery team takes food to clients throughout mid-Berwickshire.

As referrals from agencies (e.g. NHS, Social Services, Berwickshire Housing Association etc.) come in, volunteers on the Delivery team go to the food store in Duns and make up boxes according to the needs of the family or individual. They can then contact the client and ask what fresh goods they need, before going to buy these items from a local shop. Currently a pharmacy voucher can also be included with each delivery. This is about dignity, giving people some choice and control over their specific needs.

Members of the Quartermaster’s team are expected to be on duty for around one week in seven and work in and around the food store in central Duns. Members of the Delivery team can expect to be on duty for one week in eight or nine. Members of the Delivery team are asked to use their own cars and can claim back petrol costs along with the cost of buying fresh goods etc
If you would like to know more or join one of the Food Bank’s teams please contact

Organisation aims and objectives

Duns Food Bank accumulates, stores and delivers fresh and non-perishable food items, toiletries etc. for clients throughout mid-Berwickshire


Volunteer’s car must be insured for deliveries as voluntary worker.
Experience required: No specific skills other than a driving licence for those on the delivery team.
Minimum age: 18


Training details: All procedures demonstrated by existing volunteers
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer

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