Inverurie Community Larder Volunteers

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Volunteers Needed
Due to the demand of food needed by people who attend the Community Larder and the cost of living going up has increased the need for use of the larder, we would appreciate any one who has some free time and feel fit to carry carrier bags of goods from A to B if you could get in touch with Grampian Opportunities on 01467 629675 and a member of staff will help you.
Are you available on a Monday and Tuesday Morning 10am 12pm, to accompany or drive donations of food from local supermarket to car then from car to Grampian Opportunities in Inverurie. We also need help on a Thursday Morning we need a driver and a pick up person.
We also need Volunteers to pick up food goods from Burghmuir Drive Coop in Inverurie at 9pm Mon – Fri bringing goods to again Grampian Opportunities, again vital food products that would otherwise go to waste. Mileage will be reimbursed.

Organisation aims and objectives

Grampian Opportunities supports disabled people and people with mental health issues access the information and support that people need to take up and progress in further education, volunteering opportunities and employment. We will support individuals who have a personal goal that will further their employment prospects and groups or organisations that have both the idea and commitment to develop a project or enterprise which will promote employability or open up employment and volunteering opportunities.











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