(Harris) Special Constable

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Special Constables receive basic training in the theoretical aspect of Police duty and legislation, which is complemented by "on-the-job" training with regular officers in a wide variety of police work.
Every effort is made to ensure that Special Constables are given the opportunity to work along with regular police officers at times which are mutually convenient. Obviously the hours of duty which a Special Constable is willing and able to work will vary according to individual circumstances but a regular commitment is essential.

Organisation aims and objectives

Police Scotland provide services for the Western Isles


They must be between 18½ and 50 years of age on appointment and must retire from the Special Constabulary on attaining the age of 60
Experience required: British Citizens, Citizens of the Irish Republic, or Commonwealth Citizens of good character whose stay in the UK is not subject to any restrictions. A reasonable standard of education is required but no formal educational qualifications are necessary.
Minimum age: 18


Expenses details: Special Constables receive reasonable out-of-pocket expenses but the work is voluntary and unpaid. Uniform and equipment is provided free but it remains the property of the police authority and must be returned on leaving the service.

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