Volunteer Drivers

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Thinking of becoming a driver for SWRCCS?
Drivers must be between 25 – 80 years old and have held a full driving licence for 5 years
You will need your own car, with valid tax, MOT, fully comprehensive insurance that allows for volunteer driving and breakdown recovery.
Because of the nature of the work you will be doing with us, you must also be able to provide character references.
A reasonable knowledge of the geography of the area is helpful, but directions to pick-up points are provided.
Good time keeping is important, as many of our passengers get anxious if the car does not arrive when they expect it to, particularly if they have an appointment to keep.
If you can’t do a requested car run, just say no – that is fine, you will only drive when you want to or it fits in with your schedule.
Our passengers
Our passengers come from a broad cross section of the community and use SWRCCS for a wide variety of reasons. As well as a core of regular passengers, we get several “one off” requests – for instance, when people are temporarily without transport. Some of our passengers may need some assistance – e.g. a supporting arm to walk from their door to the car, help getting in/out of the car or help with luggage – guidance is given about what is appropriate assistance. When passengers are attending a surgery appointment or want to do a little shopping, they may ask if the Driver can wait and take them home again but you will be told if it is a single or return journey when you get a request.
Normal bookings are usually within the local area and are made by our volunteer telephonists - they will contact you to ask if you are available to do a run. The telephonist will tell you who the passenger is, when they wish to travel, the pick-up point and destination. You then say if you are able to do the run. If you are unable or do not wish to do that particular run for whatever reason, you can just simply say, “Sorry, no” – you are not obliged to explain why! Furthermore, Drivers have the right to refuse to transport any passenger who is drunk or abusive when they arrive to collect them.
Hospital runs are longer runs and are usually booked through the Coordinator. Again, you will be asked by phone or email whether you can do the run and if it fits in with your schedule and you want to do it. Hospital runs often involve waiting for a short time while the appointment takes place and then bringing the passenger back to their home.
SWRCCS will reimburse you for every mile you do on behalf of the Car Scheme. Expenses are paid monthly directly into your bank account when we have received your expenses claim form. To enable us to apply for funding and also gauge if we are providing the right sort of service for the needs of the community, all Drivers are asked to keep concise records of the journeys they undertake. A pad of Journey Record / Mileage Claim Forms is provided - these are very simple to fill in – honest!
The rates set by the Inland Revenue are:
 50p per mile with passengers in the car and
 45p per mile for any additional miles travelled in order to collect passengers and/or return home having dropped them off
Passengers are asked to pay 20p for each mile they are in the car (minimum £1.00 and maximum of £10.00 for any single, composite or return journey made on the same day - except hospital runs where there is a flatrate of £10.00). Passengers pay this direct to the Driver, who then claims the remaining mileage allowance from the Car Scheme at the end of each month.
All Above Board!
We will ask drivers to complete a self-certification certificate on application and annually thereafter saying that they have:-
 a full, currently valid driving licence
 fully comprehensive insurance, with cover for volunteer driving # see note below
 a vehicle that has paid tax and a current M.O.T. certificate where applicable
 breakdown recovery
The above details are required to enable us to comply with the law and insurance regulations – all confidential information will be treated as such.

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