Minutes Secretary

  • VO86221
  • Home-based volunteering, Board/trustee role


We are currently looking for a Minutes Secretary to join us on a voluntary basis.

DRiNKLiNK believes that no one life should be negatively affected by someone else’s drinking. Our aim is to link people affected by someone else’s drinking, we know the impact of this can be wide reaching so we work to provide signposting to support, and services to facilitate education and recovery.

*Objective of the role:

To ensure that the decisions, commitments and major discussion points made at Board Meetings are accurately recorded and stored for quick reference.

*Key Responsibilities include:

• Take the minutes of meetings.
• Record accurately the decisions, commitments and major discussion points made at Board Meetings.
• Prepare draft minutes from each meeting for review and approval.
• Draft minutes to include accurate resolutions from the meetings.
• Write up the minutes as soon as possible after the meeting (ideally within 7 days), send to Chair and Secretary for approval and once approved distribute to all committee members.
• Prepare and distribute the Agenda and Minutes in a timely manner.
• Read, reply and file correspondence promptly.
• Collate and arrange for the printing of the Annual Report.
• Maintain registers of members’ names and addresses, life members and sponsors.
• Maintain files of legal documents such as constitutions and titles.
• Maintain confidentiality at all times.
• Other duties may be assigned.

All volunteers receive induction, ongoing support and all help is greatly appreciated. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who wants to make a difference and join a passionate organisation supporting us from the core.

If interested/for more information please contact Nicola Bolland, HR Director at email: nicola.bolland@drinklink.org

Organisation aims and objectives

Drink Link is a rapidly evolving organisation with the objective to help those affected by someone else’s drinking. Our aim is to promote supportive information to people affected by someone else’s drinking. Our objective is to: •Relieve the needs of people negatively affected by alcohol abuse; •Advance education in the field of alcohol misuse; and •Advance health by promoting the provision of supportive Services of all kinds for people negatively affected by alcohol misuse

Frequency and commitment details

Flexible times. All help is greatly appreciated.


Experience required: Attributes: •Secretarial experience preferred •Diplomatic, tactful, professional, approachable, organised •Comfortable with using MS suite, Word, Share point and Teams. •Have own computer. •Be able to work independently. •The ability to work on own initiative. •Good communication and interpersonal skills The role involves working from home and committing at least 0.5 – 1 day per month including attendance at the board meeting in central Aberdeen (currently all meetings are held online).


Taster available: Yes
Training details: Good support provided to all volunteers. All volunteers receive induction and ongoing support. All help is greatly appreciated.
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer,
Wheelchair Access/Disabled Access Toilet