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Digital Champions are required to support older people get engaged digitally with equipment from the Connecting Scotland programme.
The Connecting Scotland programme provide iPads, internet connectivity and support to develop digital skills for people who are socially isolated or lonely and meet the following criteria:
Are older people (aged 60+) and/or have a disability;
Are digitally excluded – do not have an appropriate device and/or are not connected to the internet at home; and
Are on low incomes so cannot afford to buy a device or pay for internet access.
Getting online will help them access public services, connect with family and friends and contribute towards reducing social isolation and loneliness.

Role description:
A Digital Champion will support someone to use their iPad or Chromebook to become digitally included, There is training available and you don’t need to be a digital master, just be confident enough to help people learn the basics to get up and running with their iPad. Digital Champions do not need to be technical people, they just need to be confident in their own digital skills and, more importantly, they should have good interpersonal skills. As part of their work with users, Digital Champions will give people regular, informal support for 6 months.










1 or 2 hours per week as and when required. Minimum commitment - we are only asking for a person to be supported for the first six months, if it takes a longer or shorter time then that’s ok.


Experience required: The most important skill is being able to talk to people and help people build up their digital knowledge. The only experience required is that you use technology already and you know how to explain to people who not nothing or very little about using an iPad or laptop.
Minimum age: 16


Training details: SCVO’s training for digital champions lasts 2 and a half hours and is delivered remotely. Digital champions will also get resources and ongoing support to help them fulfil their role
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer

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