Digital Buddies

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Support older people in the Scottish Borders to get digitally connected to friends, family & the wider world.

We would like to pair up all the older people who are involved with a digital buddy. We are looking for people who can spare a little time to help an older person practise, give them a little encouragement and be there if they need a little help remembering how to do something going at the pace that they feel works for them.
You don 't need to be an expert just know your way around the internet, shopping online, downloading Apps etc...
We will provide you and the person you are supporting step by step photo instructions for whatever the task is that the person would like to learn how to do.
Initially the support will be either by telephone or outdoors. In time as the restrictions ease and guidance allows these may move to be indoor in cafes and potentially other indoor settings but this will be dependent on how both yourself as the volunteer and the person you are supporting feel about this.

Organisation aims and objectives

Outside the Box provides development support to groups and people across Scotland who want to make a difference in their communities. We began in 2004. We are a small, independent charity and aim to work as a social enterprise. We give practical support and enable people to learn the types of skills that are important both for establishing new ventures and for sustaining them. We assist people to contribute on issues that are about how their community or how society works. For example, we support people to share their skills and experiences, work with others to develop community-based solutions to challenges they experience, and have their voices heard in policy. We encourage people to think of themselves and other people as citizens, rather than as recipients of services or as people who are restricted by a particular description or label.










Days and times to be confirmed. Minimum commitment will depend on the person you are supporting but around 6 months.


Experience required: A basic knowledge of how to use a digital device mainly IPads and Android tablets. You don’t need to be a whizz as knowledge of setting up & sending emails, video calling, online shopping, social media, attending virtual meeting via zoom etc. Good communication is important and being able to explain how to do something without using jargon is also important. Patience as you may have to repeat the same thing several times as we go at the pace that works for the person.
Travel details: All over the Scottish Borders, south east Scotland, depending on where we have people requiring support.
Minimum age: 16


Expenses paid: Yes
Expenses details: Can claim 40p per mile. All expenses need to be authorised by the volunteer contact person. Expenses form completed and paid monthly.
Training details: All volunteers will have the opportunity to attend the Connecting Scotland Digital Champions training. They will also have the Outside the Box team as support.
Support: Named Contact For Volunteer

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Please note, organisations are currently experiencing a large volume of enquiries from people looking to help out. They may not always be able to meet this demand so please be patient, you may not receive a quick response or be assigned to a role.